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   Yihua has created a super-large fashion center with 2000 square meters, gathering numbers of high-end designers within the fashion industry, together formed a strong high-end fashion team. The centre designs and introduces over 5000 pieces of garments each year which are all close to the world fashion edge, aiming to create a leading and efficient ODM and wholesale trading platform.


Functional orientation:

1. Provide clients the garment styles that stands the frontline of fashion.

2. Provide clients with the most comprehensive choices of fashion styles.

3. Provide customers with the highest cost-effective ODM products.

4. Provide customers with the fastest response of supply chain.


Value-added services:

1. Provide customers with customized design services.

2. Provide customers with customized fabric tailored services.

3. Provide customers with fast response of design and production services.

4. Provide customers with comprehensive industry chain integration services.


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